This message is from Liz Burns from the Greater Pinewell Civic League regarding our farmer’s market… I know many of us enjoyed this market last year, and support is needed to continue this year. I will be delivering flyers again this weekend asking for volunteers… We had a great time last year!

Dear Greater Pinewell residents:

Tonight the Board of Directors met for the monthly meeting and the most important matter on the agenda was the produce stand project.

Last year we had a great first selling season. We had the financial and expert produce guidance from Bev Sell and the Five Point Farmers Market. There was a gathering of talent, supervision, managing skills, and a great deal of volunteer time given for this project to work. All of those who worked during the Saturday produce stand hours enjoyed the time spent with neighbors and were all thrilled at the incredible success of bring locally grown, fresh produce so very close to home for purchase.

We reviewed the current list of volunteers that have agreed to help this summer. There is NOT an increase in the number of residents who have come forward to help with this project. As a civic league we stated that we would do everything we can to get enough volunteers to come forward to make this a 2nd year success and that we would make a decision by the February 19, 2013 civic league meeting whether or not we would proceed with this project. It is IMPERATIVE that we have more people come forward to help make this project happen. We can’t expect the same few people to do all of the work each and every week-end.

If you did not get an opportunity last year to visit the produce stand on a Saturday morning during the summer then you missed out on superbly delicious, fresh, and high quality produce. We had many people from the Ocean View area who visited each and every week to purchase items to take home and prepare for their families. All of us who worked on this project were very proud of the way we all worked together and more importantly how well received and successful this venture became. We certainly want to move forward for another year. But we need more people to commit to at least one Saturday a month for this project to work. There are so many different ways to help on any given Saturday. Duties such as setting and putting away stand supplies, weighing, bagging, and setting out the food, advertising, storing of stand supplies, and selling the produce all have to be done weekly.

If you think you may be able to commit to some time in support of this venture please contact Chris or Liz

We hope to hear from you within the next few days. We are very anxious to begin planning for this great project but we need your help and support for this to happen. I will be handing out more information this weekend on where to sign up, or who to contact.